Why you’ll want tile & stone in your home

An almost seemingly endless number of design options with numerous colors, styles, shapes, and sizes make ceramic tiles or stone the perfect choice for your home. This material is durable and easy to clean, especially since there’s no place for dirt or soil to hide. Tiles and stones add value to your property and, when properly maintained, will last for years. Because they come directly from the earth and have no chemical or toxic additives, they’re especially ideal for those with allergies or respiratory problems.

Versatility for any installation in any room

These look just as good in the living room as they do in the kitchen or bath. While most are used for floor tiles, they can also be installed on walls, backsplashes, tubs, shower surrounds, counters, tables, fireplace surrounds, and more. They can be mixed and matched to create your design; your imagination only limits you. When you walk into our tile store in Friday Harbor, WA, the assortment will take away your breath.

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A guide to the types of ceramics

Ceramic is a word that refers to anything made of clay, even if the composition includes other substances. That makes porcelain, which is composed of clay, sand, and sometimes glass, a type of ceramic; thus, it’s heavier and best suited to very high traffic, busy rooms. Porcelain is entirely waterproof, glazed, and often installed outside on patio and deck floors and poolside. Because of the sturdiness, it withstands all weather conditions.

Other ceramic tiles include the 4 X 4 highly decorated squares that we often see also on backsplashes. These are thinner but tough and waterproof when glazed. They are best suited to moderately busy rooms. Terracotta tiles are incredibly durable, but porous so they must be sealed. Their beautiful reddish-brown color makes them ideal rustic environments. Mosaics are the tiny, glass-coated pebble-like ceramics often used as accents on floors and walls. Subway tiles now come in all colors, shapes, and sizes and are usually seen on walls and backsplashes but can be on the floor as long as it’s indoors in a very low traffic area.

Our design experts can help you sort it out and get your creative juices flowing. Come in for a complimentary design consultation and free measuring at the San Juan Interiors showroom in Friday Harbor, WA. We work with homeowners in and around Friday Harbor, WA, San Juan Island, WA, Orcas Island, WA && Lopez Island, WA. You’ll be glad you stopped in to see all our tile & stone options.